At Climactic, we believe our focus on early stage venture investments in climate tech for the enterprise and mobility, combined with our 20+ years of general tech experience, spanning 4 successful startups and two VC firms, will power and accelerate your startup’s success.

Transportation is rapidly changing. Populus empowers cities around the world with the digital solutions they need to manage their streets, curbs, and new mobility fleets.
Rubi Laboratories
Rubi Laboratories develops enzyme technologies that manufacture carbon-negative textiles from sequestered carbon emissions, starting with the fashion industry.
Rubi Laboratories
WeaveGrid works with utilities and owners of electric vehicles (EVs) to enable and speed up transportation electrification. The company's software platform helps integrate and optimize renewable energy resources on the grid and save utility customers' money on their bills.

"Josh is as good as they get. Literally. Patreon would not be where it is today without his conviction, passionate support for Patreon's mission and guidance for me as a person."

Jack Conte
CEO and Co-founder, Patreon

"Raj had the tenacity, vision, and smarts to back us as the first VC investor...  As we transformed to Lyft and grew, he was a valuable board member and friend so much that he joined us full time to help chart our future in mobility."

Logan Green
CEO and Co-founder Lyft

"With their deep networks in both the investor and green tech communities, plus their vision, product and strategy expertise, Raj and Climactic have been spectacular VC partners."

Jonny Dyer
CEO, Muon Space

"Josh always makes time for us when we need it, helping with strategy yet always encouraging fun. I wouldn’t want anyone but the Climactic team taking this climate tech journey with us."

Rachelle Snyder
CEO and Founder, The Arrive Platform

"Climactic has a visionary outlook and unmatched expertise in building impactful companies. They have opened up their network and rolled up their sleeves to accelerate our growth."

Neeka Mashouf
CEO, Rubi Laboratories

"Josh believed in us when no one else did. He takes a unique approach as a venture investor by helping founders develop their own self-awareness to become better leaders."

Fredrik Thomassen
CEO and Founder, Superside

Climactic Podcast

Each episode we dig deep with business leaders on how they are decarbonizing the planet - challenging them with audience questions and comments


Climactic Podcast

Special Guest
Michael Presyman

On the premier episode, Paul Hawken, bestselling author and climate activist and Josh Felser, Climactic cofounder, will be joined by Michael Presyman, founder and Chairman of Everlane


Climactic Podcast

Special Guest
Michael Presyman, founder and Chairman of Everlane

On the premier episode, Paul Hawken, bestselling author and climate activist and Josh Felser, Climactic cofounder, will be joined by Michael Presyman, founder and Chairman of Everlane.

Our Investors

We are proudly supported by an array of visionary institutional and individual investors who believe in scaling climate tech now. Selected investors include:

Brown Advisory
HG Ventures
MIO Partners
Alison Pincus
Chris Larsen
Chris Sacca
Ev Williams
Jeff Clavier
Mark Pincus
Mike Schroepfer
Reid Hoffman
Stephen Simon
Mission / Impact

We aspire to help build the next decacorns that will heal the planet.

Our years of experience in general tech – as founders, operators and investors – will help accelerate and scale your climate tech dream for the enterprise and mobility.

At the intersection of impact and returns, we offer a meaningful bridge between the best general tech talent and your climate tech team.

We commit to assisting you with your own growth as a CEO, human and partner as we have seen the power of this journey in our own personal and professional lives. As founders ourselves, we have lived through our versions of the stress and challenges you face and will be there with you through all of it, the ups and the downs.

Team Climactic


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A Strategy of Additionality

Drawing on years of experience as general tech founders and investors, we invest $1.5-3M in early stage companies to accelerate the growth of our CEOs and their businesses as they decarbonize the planet.

Our Edge: We are among the only VC firms led by highly experienced founder/operator GPs focused on climate tech for the enterprise and mobility. We offer a powerful bridge to bring the global reach, scale and impact of general tech to climate tech startups. We have walked in YOUR shoes.

Our Experience: Most early-stage climate tech startups are seeking enterprise, consumer, mobility and scaling expertise. We have 4 successful companies under our belts as founders and 20+ year careers in tech. We apply best practices from the companies we’ve founded, operated and invested in – like Lyft, Rubicon Project, Airtable, and BetterUp – to YOUR climate tech startup.

Our Network: We bring deep Silicon Valley connections, and can recruit the best tech talent to jump to our portfolio companies’ teams. We co-founded Climate Draft, alongside leading climate VCs, to migrate top tech talent to our climate tech companies. We are leveraging our network to build an active keiretsu across government and business to increase our portfolio's odds of success. We work for YOU.

Our Timing: Unlike other climate tech VCs who invest primarily in long-term R&D, we focus on getting more immediate, impactful commercialization of ideas off the ground and quickly to scale. We focus our impact out in the world right now, by applying our deep understanding of strategy, product, sales and marketing to YOUR vision.

Our Guiding Philosophy: We believe companies live or die by the growth of the CEO. We have done the deep work on ourselves and are committed to mutual coaching to help drive the personal growth of our CEOs in a respectful, fruitful relationship. We know founders often feel alone – but we are there, supporting YOU, for YOUR entire journey, and especially during YOUR darkest hours.

Our Team

Raj Kapoor
Co-founder | Managing Partner
Josh Felser
Co-founder | Managing Partner
Peter Sun
Founding Associate
Investment Team
Paul Hawken
Strategic Partner
Environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, activist.
Van Jones
Special Advisor
TV host, author, entrepreneur, change-maker.

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