Josh Felser

Co-founder | Managing Partner
  • Successful VC track record @ Freestyle
  • Co-Founder of Freestyle Capital
  • Co-Founder & President of Spinner (acquired by AOL for $320M);
  • Co-Founder & CEO of Crackle (acquired by Sony for $65M)
  • Operator at Sony, News Corp, AOL
  • Co-Founder public/private Covid task force for State of California  
  • Started #Climate nonprofit app in 2014
  • Fuqua/Duke MBA in Marketing & Duke BA in Political Science
  • Meditator, hiker, DJ
Raj Kapoor
Co-founder | Managing Partner
Josh Felser
Co-founder | Managing Partner
Peter Sun
Founding Associate
Investment Team
Paul Hawken
Strategic Partner
Environmentalist, entrepreneur, author, activist.
Van Jones
Special Advisor
TV host, author, entrepreneur, change-maker.